Events & Performances

Performance Awards

Dates: This is an annual event held in August.

Performance Awards givedancers a chance to perform their examdances onstage prior to doing their exams.This is a confidence building day. Awonderful opportunity to gain valuablePerformance experience in anencouraging,, non-competitiveenvironment. This day is for all ages pre-school to senior and is a great chance forfamily and friends to come along andwatch their young dancer. It’s also a greatopportunity to take photos and videos.


Dates: 2021 dates (originally 19th-24th September)
NOTE: due to Covid 19 restrictions these dates will be re-evaluated and are to be confirmed

Each year we have a full session of TDI (Theatrical Dance International) examinations with students doing grading in all disciplines. We have a very high exam standard which naturally shows through in all our dance events.

Annual Show

Dates: Tuesday 7th December and Wednesday 8th December 2021
Time: 7.00 pm
Venue: Bruce Mason Centre Takapuna

Every year the Patricia Rowley Dance Studio incorporating Theatrical Dance North Shore proudly present their annual Variety Dance Show at the Bruce Mason Centre. This is a high-energy, professionally presented showcase of the year’s achievements. A night of music, dance, theatre, lights & effects. The audience is always enthralled by the show and it is always so exciting for students to be able to get up on stage and perform for their family and friends! The dancers gain the experience of providing a high quality event on a professional stage.

About Showtime

For the past 22 years the Patricia Rowley Dance Studio & Theatrical Dance North Shore have presented their Variety Show at the Bruce Mason Centre in December. We create and perform our Show every year with all dancers (pre-school to adult)showcasing their achievements. It runs for two nights and all dancers perform both nights. 

Why We Love Showtime!

It’s an incredibly fun experience! It’s a memory that willlast forever and we make it one of thebest memories ofyour life! It’s fulfilling for the students and a proud timefor the parents to see their child’s achievements. It’sinspiring for the younger students to be involved with theseniors and see the amazing world of dance performance!Dancersget to wear amazing costumes and experience“life on the professional stage”

Why you love showtime

This is your Family Christmas Event. At a great time for Family & Friends to get together for a Pre-Christmas Social Evening. Takapuna has many great restaurants and on a Tuesday and Wednesday night it is easy to get parking.

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