We offer two styles of tap dancing at our studio; traditional syllabus tap and ‘Beat It’ American style tap.

Our syllabus tap is loved by our younger students as they get to ‘crash and bang’ but with purpose and style. They learn basic tap moves from Pre-Syllabus, and these progress in to different styles each year as they pass each exam. We enjoy the mix of boys and girls in these classes, and the moves are easily defined for boys and girls. The predominant styles are waltz tap, tango tap and blues tap combinations, which can develop in to full dances for Solo and our end of year concerts.

Our ‘Beat It’ tap is an enjoyable free style of dance. Easiest learnt after some formal training in syllabus tap as the footwork is prescribed, and the arm movements and positions are free choice. The syllabus begins at Level 6 and goes through to Level 10 and then Performance.

Please contact us for our timetable and to discuss a class that would best suit.